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Laws and Policies

Mason sets a standard for principled behavior by its faculty, staff, and students. We follow a code of conduct that demands that the highest criteria be met.

University Policies Relating to Ethics

Mason Seal outside George Mason University's Johnson Center

"Freedom and Learning" are the words that appear on the Mason Seal. We want everyone in Mason Nation to attain those goals.

Commonwealth of Virginia Ethics Laws and Policies

Conflict of Interest Waivers

A conflict of interest can occur when there is a personal interest in a contract with the university other than your own employment contract, or a personal interest in a transaction in which you have authority as part of your job duties at Mason. These conflicts are prohibited by law and cannot exist without a waiver.

Waivers are available for some conflicts of interest, under certain circumstances.

For example:

  • If two immediate family members work at Mason, but neither has any supervisory authority over the other.
  • If there is a planned contract between Mason and a business for which an employee of Mason works part time, when the employee has no involvement in the procurement or future administration of that contract.

To request a Conflict of Interest Waiver, contact Ethics Officer Elizabeth Woodley, JD, at 703-993-5115.